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HAB Regular Investor

Do you want to make your money really work for you?

If you’re saving regularly, and have a goal in mind like a deposit for a house, your children’s education, or a round the world trip, talk to us about our Regular Invest option.

HAB’s Regular Invest product is a regular payment unit linked life assurance investment plan. This means your regular payments are used to buy units in a range of investment funds. The value of your plan is then linked to the value of the units in these investment funds.

Life and Pension products are provided by Irish Life Assurance plc.

Key Information

  • Key Information – HAB Regular Invest
    • Regular, long-term plan designed for an investment term of 5 years or more

    • You choose where you invest your money

    • You can invest from €100 to €10,000 a month. You can also invest lump sums of €500 to €10,000

    • You can increase or reduce your payments, take a payment holiday, or even stop and restart your regular payments at any time

    • You are prepared to risk getting back less than you put in

    • Regular withdrawals not permitted (however if you need to withdraw your money within the first five years, you can do so but there is a charge)

    • You must be living in the Republic of Ireland and aged 18 to 70.