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Business Debit Card

Pay business costs the easy way.


Manage cashflow more effectively

Wherever you go on business, whatever you need, pay for it straight from your business account with your business debit card.

Secure Shopping Online

When you shop online with your business card, we may need to confirm it’s you, by using the HAB Authenticator app.

Download the HAB Authenticator app from the relevant app store and follow the on screen instructions to set it up.

Easy to Use

You can use your Business Debit card for everyday business purchases anywhere Visa Debit is accepted (click here to see the exchange rates for non-Euro EU/EEA currencies on debit cards. To view the rates for all other currencies visit the Visa website). When you make a transaction using your Card, the available funds on your account will usually be reduced immediately by the amount of the transaction. The transactions will be debited from your Business Bank Account within a few days.

No annual fee

No annual fee, but other charges may apply – Business Fees and Charges

Business Debit card at a glance

  • Take out up to €600 cash a day from an ATM
  • Pay straight from your business bank account
  • Get up to 10 cards per company
  • Pay for your purchases quickly and securely using contactless, and participating digital wallets* (Such as Google Pay and Apple Pay)
  • No annual fee
  • More secure than carrying cash