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Currency Deposit Accounts

Protect and earn interest on your foreign currency.


Protect your foreign currency funds

Does your business make and receive foreign currency payments? A Currency Deposit Account can help to protect your foreign currency funds from adverse changes in the exchange rate, while earning interest.

Save time

We know you want to spend your time focused on your business. If you choose the Currency Call Deposit Account, you can receive and make currency payments online.

Choose the account for your needs

You might need to be able to dip into your funds from time to time. Or you might prefer to save for a fixed term with a greater return. Either way, we’ll help you choose the account that works for you.

Currency deposit account at a glance

  • Available for all major currencies
  • Can help protect your business from exchange rate fluctuations
  • Choose from two currency deposit products
  • Earn interest on your funds
  • Make foreign currency payments from a Currency Call Deposit Account